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  • A trip to Venezia

    A few years ago, Lanne made a trip to Venice, Italy.  While there she fell in love with a shoe, imagine that.  The atelier of Lilimill became the object of her love affair, and finding room in her luggage, she managed to squirrel a pair away and bring them back home to the states.  Upon her return she looked far and wide for an importer, a distributor, anyone who could help her bring them to the store.  Alas she was unlucky and the her efforts dwindled, the twinkle of Lilimill fading from her eyes.

    One afternoon last Fall, a couple of reps, importers of several Spanish lines that we carry, came for an appointment to show us Spring '16 product. As she and her husband began placing shoes on our showroom wall, Lanne's jaw dropped open.  She sprang to her feet grabbing one of the shoes off the wall, clutching it to her, that twinkle reappearing in her eye.  "You have Lilimill," she exclaimed.  Why yes they indeed had Lilimill, and long story short, so do we... and now you.

    Welcome Lilimill.  Our first Italian brand.