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  • Peony & Moss

    Peony & Moss

    A funny story...
    We introduced you to Lilimill a couple of weeks ago in our "Trip to Venezia" post, and while reading through the comments we noticed one by someone unfamiliar to us. So, naturally we clicked on their profile to discover that she was the designer at Peony & Moss. "What's Peony & Moss?" we asked ourselves.
    Well, turns out Peony & Moss is a locally owned and designed line of gorgeous, cotton socks. Socks? "Heck, we carry socks." So we reached out to Peony & Moss, and low and behold, we're now carrying their socks. Oh, and if the world didn't seem small enough already, it turns out that the designers behind Peony & Moss and Frock Shop are friends as well. Clever, since the two lines look quite nice together. Oh my gosh, stop the cute already.
    Anyway, you're going to want to come in and treat yourself to some new socks, you know it's true...