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  • Onigo Imports

    As you might have seen on our Instagram or Facebook, we recently attended the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas. We saw a lot of great new product, and Onigo Imports is one of the brands we were most excited to carry.

    Each bag is handmade from real Raffia by a skilled local artisan on the island of Madagascar. Not only are these bags beautiful, they are also Fair Trade and have a great story. From their website;

    “Onigo works with a cooperative of over 500 Artisans who produce these fabulous products in their own home. Every day, Bakoly, our driver, circles around the Island picking up whatever wares are ready. The goods are then brought to our warehouse in Madagascar where the production is inspected by Haingo and his team before starting to assemble the shipment for the container. It can take up to 8 weeks to fill up one container.”

    We have these amazing bags out in both locations, so come see them in person soon! Hopefully it's love at first sight for you like it was for us.