• Peony & Moss

    Peony & Moss

    A funny story...
    We introduced you to Lilimill a couple of weeks ago in our "Trip to Venezia" post, and while reading through the comments we noticed one by someone unfamiliar to us. So, naturally we clicked on their profile to discover that she was the designer at Peony & Moss. "What's Peony & Moss?" we asked ourselves.
    Well, turns out Peony & Moss is a locally owned and designed line of gorgeous, cotton socks. Socks? "Heck, we carry socks." So we reached out to Peony & Moss, and low and behold, we're now carrying their socks. Oh, and if the world didn't seem small enough already, it turns out that the designers behind Peony & Moss and Frock Shop are friends as well. Clever, since the two lines look quite nice together. Oh my gosh, stop the cute already.
    Anyway, you're going to want to come in and treat yourself to some new socks, you know it's true...
  • A trip to Venezia

    A few years ago, Lanne made a trip to Venice, Italy.  While there she fell in love with a shoe, imagine that.  The atelier of Lilimill became the object of her love affair, and finding room in her luggage, she managed to squirrel a pair away and bring them back home to the states.  Upon her return she looked far and wide for an importer, a distributor, anyone who could help her bring them to the store.  Alas she was unlucky and the her efforts dwindled, the twinkle of Lilimill fading from her eyes.

    One afternoon last Fall, a couple of reps, importers of several Spanish lines that we carry, came for an appointment to show us Spring '16 product. As she and her husband began placing shoes on our showroom wall, Lanne's jaw dropped open.  She sprang to her feet grabbing one of the shoes off the wall, clutching it to her, that twinkle reappearing in her eye.  "You have Lilimill," she exclaimed.  Why yes they indeed had Lilimill, and long story short, so do we... and now you.

    Welcome Lilimill.  Our first Italian brand.

  • Ballard Holiday Fest

    Join us...

    This Sunday, December 6th, from 2-5 PM at the bell tower
    in Marvin's Garden Park, in the heart of Old Ballard.

    Come get your photo taken with Santa for free, enjoy complimentary hot cocoa and popcorn, and revel in the sounds of the Anne Merryfield Trio, Ballard High School String Quartet, and Leah Tussing.

    Explore Ballard on The Tomte Trail, pick up your maps and totes at the event then follow the trail to find out what goodies await you.

    And, stick around for the finale, this year a candle light caroling affair, lead by Leah Tussing. We'll all sing a handful of the classics, together. It'll be great!

    The 3rd annual, Ballard Holiday Fest, see you there!

  • Ballard Gives Black Friday

    Ballard Gives Black Friday

    This Friday, November 27th, marks the fourth year of Ballard Gives Black Friday.

    "Give your holiday shopping dollars depth and power this year by supporting Ballard merchants as they partner with non profits on Black Friday with the initiative, Ballard Gives Black Friday. Instead of fighting crowds for trumped-up, door-buster discounts, empower your holiday spending by opting in with Ballard retailers as they donate a portion of their sales from Black Friday to communities in need."

    Market Street Shoes will continue its partnership with Labateyah Youth Home, "a safe and nurturing environment for homeless youth, combining Native American wisdom and ceremony with modern educational, medical and social services" by donating 5 dollars for every pair of shoes sold Friday through Sunday.

    More info about Labateyah Youth Home can be found here http://www.unitedindians.org/programs/youth-home/

  • Welcome back, old friends.

    We're excited to reintroduce Romika and Josef Seibel to Market Street Shoes.

    From Romika, a collection of City Lights and the Cassie bootie.

    And from Josef Seibel, a package of Fayes in a sweel little oxford, and two flirty ballerinas.

  • Skola

    We're so excited to kick off the US launch of Skola, right here in Ballard!  Handcrafted in Sweden, Skola uses sustainably harvested Alder wood bottoms and vegetable tanned leather uppers. The brainchild of Paul and Tom Swenson, a local duo of Swedish descent, Skola brings classic Scandanavian design and heritage, along with the comfort benefits of a supportive, contoured footbed, that is naturally moisture wicking and antimicrobal.

    Several styles are available, from traditional silhouettes like Annika and Leah, to more morden sassy styles such as Susannah.

    And more open styles - Kajsa, Eva and Maisa - that are great seasonal pieces, but also able to transition into Fall with a chunky sock or cute tights.

  • We're Celebrating 9 Years, Saturday, May 9th!

    Come celebrate 9 years with us!
    This Saturday, May 9th, from 10 AM until...

    Join us in the morning for coffee and babycakes from Cupcake Royale.

    At 11:00 we'll kick off the Teva DIY Event (see detalis below), customizing Teva Originals and raising money for United Indians Labateyah Youth Home.

    At 4:00, join us for the old-time musical stylings of $4 Shoe.
    Suzanne Rosellini is making our birthday cakes and we'll start serving slices of her fabulous creations at 6:00.
    And at 7:00, make way for the old-timey sounds of the Barn Owls before they head down to their gig at Conor Byrne.

    When you stop in, be sure to enter your name in our annual birthday raffle...
    we'll be giving away shoes, clothing, and bags, every hour on the hour,
    beginning at noon!

    Also, with any purchase over $150, receive a newly designed
    Market Street Shoes tshirt!

    Whew, all of that and I almost forgot to mention that you'll receive
    10% off your purchases all day!



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  • Rejuvination

    So, you've got a well worn pair of boots or shoes that have seen better days, the rainy season is upon us, you want them to look like they used to and you're wondering what to do...

    Well, follow along as we show you how to rejuvinate that cherished pair, restoring health, breathability and weather resistance to your favorite kicks.

    Our agreeable model for this adventure is a pair of Eric Michael Montana.  They are on their third season without so much as a hint of treatment given to them in that time span. 

    Leather is skin, and like your skin, it needs to be cleaned, moisturized and protected for optimal health.  Some of the things we enjoy about quality leather footwear are its duability, breathability and protection from the elements.  But, when we don't take care of that quality leather, dirt clogs the pores, inhibiting its ability to breath while atracting and clinging to moisture, and sapping the leather of its oils and protectants.

    So, the first step towards rejuvination is to clean them with a quality cleaner.  Today, we're using the Cadillac Select line of cleaner, conditioner, and proofing. 

    Following the directions on the label we will apply the leather cleaner to a small area, rubbing it in and removing the excess as we go.  When you've completed the cleaning process allow your boot or shoe to dry thouroughly before moving on to the conditioner.  In a similar fashion, work the conditioner into the leather, allowing it to penetrate fully before wiping off any excess.  Lastly, apply the weather proofing in two or three coats, misting it lightly onto the entire surface and allowing to dry before applying the next coat.

    What you will achieve will look something like this.  Yep, go ahead and scroll back up to look at the first picture.  And, yes, that is the same pair of boots.  Yours will also look this good.

    For comparison's sake, the boot on the left is our boot, and the boot on the right is a brand new pair of Eric Michael Montana.  Pretty amazing, huh?

    And, to demonstrate how effective the process is in defending you from the elements, behold...

    So there you have it.  A fully restored pair Eric Michael Montana, ready to tackle another Pacific Northwest winter in style.

    If you have any questions, be sure to ask any of our knowledgable sales staff, they will be happy to help you on your path to footwear rejuvination.