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Local Art supports Labateyah Youth Home this Black Friday weekend at Market Street Shoes!

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We feel so lucky this year to have TWO beautiful art pieces up for auction as part of our effort to raise funds for the United Indians' Labateyah Youth Home. LEARN MORE

Thanks to local artists Frank Peterson and Rachelle Wirfs for their generous donations!

Both of these pieces will be on display in our Ballard store and bids can be entered from Friday November 26th through end of day Tuesday November 30th. Please visit or call our Ballard location and ask to place your bids for the Labateyah Auction! 

 Ballard Market Street Shoes - (206)783-1670


"Under the Salish Sea" By Rachelle Wirfs - Pyrography on Basswood plank,

Dimensions: 23" tall x 9" wide x 5/8" deep. Bidding will begin at $250



Rachelle Wirfs primary art form is pyrography, literally "fire writing". The pyrography technique can be done on a variety of surfaces, but Rachelle prefers to use wood as her medium. Her goal is to create art which pleases the eye, appeals to one's sense of touch and evokes the beauty and wonder of nature.

"Each piece of wood has its own character. Often the grain will determine the design. Sometimes it takes a bit of beeswax or wood stain to complete the piece. Other times I use paint with the pyrography to create a style similar to that of stained glass."

In addition to this auction piece, Market Street Shoes will have a variety of her art available for purchase throughout our store for the month of December and she will also be our featured artist for the December Artwalk, the second Saturday of the month.


"Cedar Portrait Mask" By Frank Peterson 

Dimensions: 8.5 inches x 10 inches. Bidding will begin at $450

Frank Peterson, whose art was featured earlier this year in our Ballard store, has also donated an incredible piece of art!  Frank is a proud enrolled Makah tribal member and an urban native.  Frank says his work is meant to find a balance in the abstract, adding the spiritual aspects of his heritage with life experiences. Growing up, he spent quality time in Neah Bay on the Makah reservation learning from his elders. He cherishes his time spent there as it affirms the connections it provides to his ancestors. Frank works in many mediums, but primarily in acrylic paints, oil pastels, and cedar, which he uses to carve his spirit portrait masks.