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Dave Mayden Images - Something to Look Forward To

While looking through photos to displaying for Art Walk I thought about how traveling is something not many of us are doing right now.  Traveling is one of my biggest passions, and it is sad that I cannot be out exploring new and beautiful places and cultures.  With this in mind I decided to display some photos that are faceless, in hopes of making it easy for someone to imagine themselves in the picture.  I did this to help give us something to look forward to in these trying times.  If you can see yourself exploring amazing places and getting to know incredible humans all over the world, maybe that will give us one more thing to fight for.  The more we have to look forward to the great things this world has to offer the more inspired we will be to do something about it.

I hope these photos will inspire in some small way, so that we may put forth great effort into making the world a better place.  I hope you can see yourself doing great wonderful fun things, whatever your passion.

If you have interest in prints for purchase, Market St. Shoes will be displaying these on their website.  You may also contact me to discuss pricing.

David Mayden

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