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Funstonze Clip-Ons

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Wear Your Heart On Your Boots

Hair, clothes, phone, jewelry, make up: you name it, you personalize it. So what about your boots? Don’t they deserve a little love too?

 Clip On. Style Up. Step Out

Want to give your favorite pair of Chelsea boots a unique, personal twist? Funstonze make it easy.

They’re the patented magnetic clip-on accessory for your boots that let you choose your style, and then switch and switch again. Here’s how they work:

  1. Choose:  There are dozens of Funstonze styles - and we’re creating more all the time! Match your style. Match your mood. Match your friends. You decide...
  1. Clip: Funstonze magnetically clip to the elastic ‘U’ of your boot. They take seconds to attach, won’t damage your boot, and you won’t feel them once they’re on.
  2. Step: Spice up your step, then switch, change, swap your Funstonze with friends, and give your boots a new look every day.
  • Magnetic clip-ons means stylish fun without damaging your boots.
  • Give your boots a fun personal twist
  • Perfectly fit Blundstone® classic boots, however, they'd clip on beautifully on any type of boot 
  • Two units in a package
  • Simple to fit - clip-on in seconds
  • Super-comfy to wear - you won’t know they’re there!
  • Switch or swap with friends to create a new boot style every day

Small fits Blundstone/AUS size 3.5-5.5 (Euro 36-39) 

Medium fits Blundstone/AUS size 6-9.5 (Euro 39-43)