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We are under construction. Please visit our Facebook page in the meantime. We are under construction. Please visit our Facebook page in the meantime.


Welcome in!

If you're reading this here then you have found our new website! Congrats, you're one of the first! 

On top of everything else going on in the world we got notice last week that our web platform was being dissolved and so we were forced to begin building our website anew.  As it turns out we went on two week quarantine a week ago today after listening to Governor Inslee's address and so began looking for ways to keep our staff busy from home.  We created a Facebook shop and our ace staff have been feverishly loading product so that we could continue to service you in one fashion or another.  Over the past week there have been private shopping meet-ups, home deliveries, and many products shipped out to similarly quarantined folks around Seattle, Redmond and beyond.  

Today we began building the site you find yourself on now, feeling that perhaps we need a more full fledged ecommerce platform to reach our customers with, one that showcases our full range of product and hopefully allows us to bring you the same level of service you've come to expect from us in person.  That said, we are staunch brick and mortar advocates and have resisted selling online because we feel so strongly about engaging with you one on one, creating relationships with you and providing an experience that can't be had in an online transaction.  

However, after listening to Governor Inslee's address this evening and hearing of the coming mandatory quarantine in the next 48 hours, we felt it necessary to enter the online world and try to bring you as much of the Market Street Shoes experience as possible in the online realm.  Bear with us over the next few days as we get the site up and running, in the meantime you can view and purchase product through our Facebook Shop here

Hopefully, the next time you land here you'll find us up and running and looking like a real online store, and hopefully in the not to distant future we'll move through this pandemic and be back to chatting with each other in the store.  Be safe, be well, take care of those around you, we'll see you on the other side.


Market Street Shoes