Spring Styles are in stock NOW! Spring Styles are in stock NOW!


Mexas US


Chilaquiles are a typical Mexican breakfast dish, with a base of totopos (nachos) dipped in a red or green sauce. Ours are not red or green, they are leather but they are almost good enough to eat! 😍

  • We wanted to bring out some basic, comfortable and handmade sandals. And look, it's wrong for us to say it but.... THEY ARE THE BEST! 
  • Seriously...super comfortable, light and cool. 
  • You can wear them with dresses, pants, with a more formal outfit or something more relaxed.
    Choose your usual size. They fit great.
  • *A little detail: in the photos you will see that in the CAMEL model, the sole has a brownish brown line, but the ones you are going to receive will be beige. The photos were taken with the samples and in the end we liked them better in the other color :)

Size Guide

We recommend that you choose your usual size. If they fit tight the first few days it is always better since, being made of leather, they will eventually adapt to your fit.


Chemical-free vegetable-tanned cowhide. Over time the leather of the MEXAS changes color, a sign that it is 100% natural. That is why they get darker just like we do when the sun hits on us :)


You can clean them with a damp cloth, being careful not to get too wet as they darken.


Designed in Spain, 100% handmade in Mexico. All the raw materials used come from Mexico.